"Ow My Knee!" -- Doing the Nancy Kerrigan Shuffle for the "Follow Me" release show.  Costumes by Matt Kessler.  Photo by Charles Lavoie.

Filming the "Croak Hiss and Sputter" video out a window in Prague.

We call her Legs Sonevytsky.

"Devil Song" in Prague.

Charlottesville, VA.

Under a fish in Bushwick.

We're slipping in a special set at the Slipper Room in NYC, October 3, 8 PM! Get your tickets here! (Use password "awkward" for discounted tickets! $7 instead of $10...) 

And did you ever see our new video for Doo Wop Girl? Made by the incomparable Deb Magocsi, Amy Pearl and Thomas Bayne. Enjoy!