THE DEBUTANTE HOUR is SUSAN HWANG (drums/accordion), MIA PIXLEY (cello), and MARIA SONEVYTSKY (accordion/ukelele). MTV Iggy has written, "The Debutante Hour is a New York delight. The city that invented hipsters somehow also spawned three women who will make any uptight A-hole laugh, cry (but mostly laugh), marvel at their acoustics, and kneel before the glory of their harmonies." The unconventional power trio harmonizes about planning, worldviews and works of literature, with the occasional swerve into a Carpathian mountain stomp. The group formed in 2007, when Maria Sonevytsky and Susan Hwang joined songwriting forces and fashion sensibilities. Mia Pixley joined them in 2008. They released their first album, The Birth and Death of Meaning, in 2010 and an EP of cover songs (Follow Me) in 2011. They are currently putting the finishing touches on their new album, An Awkward Time, to be released in March 2012.

We're slipping in a special set at the Slipper Room in NYC, October 3, 8 PM! Get your tickets here! (Use password "awkward" for discounted tickets! $7 instead of $10...) 

And did you ever see our new video for Doo Wop Girl? Made by the incomparable Deb Magocsi, Amy Pearl and Thomas Bayne. Enjoy!